Frequently Asked Questions
Are you open on Saturdays?

Unfortunately, for now, we are NOT open on Saturdays.

Do the doctors speak Spanish?

All of our doctors are capable of performing an eye exam in Spanish. Our staff is also versed in Spanish.

Can I schedule an appointment about cataract surgery?

Of course! You should make this appointment with either Dr. Cantu or Dr. Fredrickson so that you can speak with the doctor who will be performing the surgery.

I have an emergency. Can I come in ASAP to see a doctor?

Yes! Come on in as soon as you can. We always regard emergencies with the utmost care. We will never turn away someone who is coming in with an emergency.

Where do I park for my appointment?

There is a parking garage located on 26th street named Parking Garage 2. This is the easier place to park to get to our office. Unfortunately, we do not validate for parking so please be expecting to pay a nominal fee to use the parking garage.

Can I talk to Dr. Cantu about cataract surgery?

Absolutely! Dr. Cantu would love to speak with you about cataract surgery. Give us a call and make sure to tell us that you want to talk about cataract surgery so that we can have our surgical coordinator assist you during your visit.

Can I have LASIK surgery at my age?

This is a question that is specific to each person, make an appointment with us for an in-depth evaluation.

DISCLAIMER - At Northwest Eye Associates we regard patient education just as important as diagnosis; therefore, we have provided answers to many questions you may have. Please note that this information serves to educate patients on common conditions, NOT to diagnose them. Please consult with your eye care physician for specific answers as he or she will know what is best for your eye. Come see us at Northwest Eye Associates to receive your evaluation today! - 713-864-8652
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